The Cultural Side of Sydney

15 Apr

I just found a great article by photographer Tony Perrottet, an Australian who has relocated to New York. In the article he explains Sydney’s sophisticated cultural scene beyond the tourist trail and ocker Australian stereotype. A great article for any student coming to visit Sydney.

 Read it here.

Australian Style vs American Style

11 Mar

My boyfriend, Mike, came over from America recently. When he first arrived I was thrilled! I’d been talking about Sydney for months and I couldn’t wait to show him around.  Maybe three days after he arrived we got an invitation to join a friend and go to a nice club in Sydney. Mike hadn’t packed many clothes at all. In fact he hadn’t even packed any long pants (which is pretty standard for picky venues).

While this club had recently eased off its strict dress code, we didn’t want to take any chances. Fancier clubs in Sydney can have very strict dress codes. In general, I have always found Sydney Clubs and Bars to be very strict. You’re not allowed to be intoxicated in any bar or club. In fact, if a bartender serves a drink to an intoxicated individual they can be fined up to $1 100. *

After looking through all of Mike’s clothes we decided the best thing to do was go to the shops. Here are the results of Mike’s Australian Wardrobe Makeover:

Mike's Australian Makeover

Mike’s Australian Makeover


Australian Style can be pretty subtle. Of course you can always wear exactly what you wear when you are in America. But here are a few style translations. You might find them funny.






* The Liquor Act 2007  defines a person as being intoxicated if:

  • their speech, balance, co-ordination or behaviour is noticeably affected; and
  • it is reasonable, given the situation, to believe that this due to the consumption of alcohol.

Australians Are Weird

29 Jun

Here is a great article about some of the odd things Australians do!—australians-bizarre-behaviour/

Post-‘Fake Australian Of The Year’ Celebrations

25 May

‘Fake Australian Of The Year’ was celebrated, after the announcement, with a party in the dining hall with contestants and the international students. Attendees ate Vegemite and Milo, some for the first time.


‘Fake Australian Of The Year’ was an event I held to attract students to my facebook page and blog, to ultimately find out more about coming to Australia. During the competition I filmed American students doing an Australian accent. These attempts were then be uploaded to the facebook event page ‘Fake Australian of The Year’ where students could like and comment on the videos. There were two prize winners. The first prize went to the student with the most likes on facebook. The Official Prize went to a student that a team of three Australian exchange students (not including me) agreed upon.  Students could upload their own videos or I would film them and upload them. At the end, I put all the videos together to make one full video to encourage voting.


20 May

‘Fake Australian Of The Year’ was announced on 17th. The winner, selected by three Australian exchange students, was Sam Bo Klien.

Highly Commended went to Leo DaVilgen and Brendan R. Quinn.


People’s Choice went to Francisco Alvarenga.


20 May

Fake Australian of the Year Finalists have been announced. Vote by writing their name or the time they come up in the video.


Inauguration of Dr. Donald Christian

26 Apr

Marieke Laurent (France), Me and Andrea Lozano (Ecuador) at the reception with cookies with the New Paltz emblem.

Woo! On April 13th I represented Australia in the inauguration of Dr. Donald Christian, President of the State University of New York at New Paltz. From each of the countries one international was chosen to represent their country to welcome Dr Donald Christian. The procession of International Flags was the very first part of the formal academic ceremony.

It was really fun to hold my flag and wave at people. Plus, we got cookies!! How cool are they? They have the school emblem on them.

Congratulations Dr. Donald Christian!